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Get our Uber for Mechanics is an on-demand app that connects vehicle owners with skilled mechanics for quick and reliable assistance.
What We Offer In Uber For Mechanics app

Why Choose Our Uber For Mechanics On-Demand App?

We are ready to launch your car repair business in just a few weeks.
Our Uber for Mechanics on-demand car repair app provides outstanding simplicity and effectiveness in car maintenance and repair. This innovative platform crosses a divide between skilled mechanics and vehicle owners experiencing automotive problems, guaranteeing that expert assistance is only a few taps away.
Whether it's a roadside emergency or routine maintenance, our app offers a dependable solution that saves time and reduces the stress connected with car repairs. Users may simply find nearby mechanics, check their qualifications, and read reviews to ensure their reliability and honesty.
Furthermore, we developed the app with both usability and functionality in mind. It streamlines the entire repair scheduling procedure, from selecting the type of work required to tracking the mechanic's arrival time. This easy integration of services not only improves the customer experience but also increases mechanics' efficiency by allowing them to take on and manage jobs while on the road.
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Modern startups are achieving success by Using On-demand

Modern startups are implementing on-demand apps to rise

Our on-demand app Service for your start-up

our Uber for tow Mechanics on-demand app benefits for your business
Free White Labelling

Free White Labelling

Our On-demand application will be customized with your company or brand name and logo, making it unique to you.
Free App Submission
Free App Submission
Our application meets all technical requirements, making it eligible for Play Store and App Store approval instantly.
Multi-Panel Integration
Multi-Panel Integration
Our multi-panel integration abilities allow for unmatched efficiency and administration across multiple interfaces.
Free-Server Installation

Free-Server Installation

Optimize your setup process with our free server installation service, which will get you running immediately without hassle.
Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Maximize your software's capabilities with our free technical assistance, which is ready to fix difficulties, give direction, and improve your user experience.
Free Bug Fixing

Free Bug Solutions

Stay worry-free as we offer free bug fixing to keep your software running smoothly, guaranteeing better performance and reliability.
In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet feature to provide a convenient and secure payment method within the application.
Multiple Country Support

Multiple Country Support

With our On-demand software, you can operate your business in any region without any limitations.
Support After Installation

Support After Installation

Remember that our professional support team is here to assist you after installation, providing efficient operation and fixing any issues that may arise.

What's Inside Uber for Mechanics?

Multiple apps for multiple user

User App

Android | iOS
Allows users to request mechanic services, track the arrival of mechanics, and pay for services.
uber for mechanics user-app
User App Demo

Mechanic App

Android | iOS
Enables mechanics to accept or reject service requests, navigate to users' locations, and communicate with users.
Mechanic App
Mechanic App Demo

Custom Admin Panel

Provides administrators with tools to manage users, mechanics, service requests, payments, and overall platform operations.
On-demand App Admin panel
Admin Panel Demo

If you would like additional custom panels made, we will make them separately for you just let us know

On your Demand, We will make for your multiple custom panels additionally

Add-on Features for Uber for Mechanics

What’s New Features in Uber for Mechanics? Find Out Here!

Real-Time Tracking

Uber for Mechanics can Track your mechanic's location in real time as they make their way to you, providing reassurance and accurate ETA updates.
Digital Service Records
Uber for Mechanics app Keep all your vehicle's service history digitized and easily accessible within the app, allowing for effective tracking of past repairs and maintenance.

24/7 Customer Support

Access around-the-clock customer support within the app to assist with any questions or issues during your mechanic service experience.

In-App Payment

Uber for Mechanics Securely handles transactions within the app, with support for multiple payment methods including credit cards and mobile wallets for a smooth checkout experience.
Customizable Service Packages
Choose from a variety of service packages tailored to your vehicle's specific needs, from emergency repairs to regular maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance Alerts

Receive automatic reminders for upcoming maintenance checks based on your vehicle’s service history and mileage to keep your car in optimal condition.

Secure and responsive payment solutions

Our On-demand Apps solution is pre-integrated with key payment channels such as PayU, PayPal, Razorpay, Amazon Pay, UPI, and Paystack, and more may be added as needed. These partnerships offer a great transaction experience, allowing for quick and secure payments right from the platform.
Payment Gateway

Add Your Signature Feature

Add your signature feature that differentiates your Car repairing brand

AI-Powered Diagnostics

Utilize AI technology to diagnose vehicle issues accurately before the mechanic arrives, ensuring they are prepared with the necessary tools and parts.
Flexible Scheduling Options
Schedule services at your convenience with options for immediate assistance or future appointments to fit your lifestyle.

Service Warranty Tracker

Track warranties for services and parts directly through the app, ensuring you never miss out on warranty benefits for repairs and replacements.

Our On-Demand App Development Process

We follow these steps for your Uber for Mechanics On-Demand App development

Collect Requirement

This first step involves collecting requirements, defining the app's purpose, and determining the target audience. Strategic planning includes defining the app's features, functionality, and overall user experience.

UI/UX Design

Designers build visual layouts and user experience models. This phase is dedicated to designing a friendly interface that is both visually stunning and easy to use, delivering a smooth user experience.

Backend Development

This process involves configuring the server, databases, APIs, and technical architecture. It involves developing the backend that will process the data and provide app functionality.

Frontend Development

The front end, or client side, of the app is developed by developers, who turn designs into working applications. This involves coding the visual components with which users interact.

Quality Testing

During this phase, the app undergoes extensive testing to detect and resolve issues. Usability, compatibility, security, and performance testing are all examples of quality assurance (QA) tests.

Launch and Support

This step could involve submissions to app stores and approval processes. It includes monitoring the app's performance, resolving any developing issues, and providing updates to add features or solve feedback from users.


If you don’t see an answer related to your question
you can reach us over a call, and we can discuss everything.
  • The Uber For Mechanics app allows users to request mechanic services through the user app. Mechanics receive these requests through their app and can choose to accept or reject them. Once a mechanic accepts a request, they can navigate to the user's location, complete the service, and receive payment through the app.
  • The User App includes features such as user registration and login, service request submission, GPS-based mechanic tracking, real-time chat with mechanics, service history and invoices, and a ratings and reviews system.
  • The Mechanic App includes features such as mechanic registration and login, acceptance or rejection of service requests, GPS-based user tracking, real-time chat with users, service history and invoices, and an availability toggle.
  • Mechanics can register on the platform by downloading the Mechanic App and completing the registration process, which typically includes providing personal information, vehicle details, and proof of qualifications.
  • Service requests are typically assigned to mechanics based on their availability, proximity to the user's location, and skillset. Mechanics can choose to accept or reject a service request based on their preferences.
  • Payments for services are processed through the app using a secure payment gateway. Users can make payment through various methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other online payment methods.
  • Yes, there is a rating and review system in place for both users and mechanics. After a service is completed, users can rate the mechanic and provide feedback based on their experience. Similarly, mechanics can rate users based on their behavior and payment promptness.
  • The admin panel provides administrators with tools to manage users, mechanics, service requests, payments, and overall platform operations. Administrators can view and manage all aspects of the platform to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction.

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