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Grab Clone: Become an Industry Leader in the Taxi Services business.
With our complete white-label taxi booking application, you can launch your own taxi business. Our solution, which takes ideas from Grab Taxi, puts you ahead of the competition in your local taxi sector right away.
What We Offer In Grab Clone Script
Clone App Script Software

WTF? Grab Clone!

Do you have the same thought in your mind?
Get started in the taxi industry with our ready-to-use Clone Software. Celestial Infosoft offers a quick and affordable setup to help your brand development.
Celestial Infosoft's Clone script helps businesses to rapidly introduce innovative online taxi services. Developed for native Android and iOS systems, it includes all essential functions with the most recent advancements to greatly enhance the ride-booking experience.

Choose an Affordable Way for Launching a Grab-Like Business.

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In a few weeks, start and grow your taxi empire.
Get started in the taxi industry with our ready-to-use Clone Software. Celestial Infosoft offers a quick and affordable setup to help your brand development. Simply let us know the name of your company and the features you want, and we'll quickly create a customized web platform for you. Have trust in our expertise to drive you to the forefront of the business.
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Startup's Fast-Tracking Success with Clone Scripts

The Fast Growth achieved by Using Reliable Clone Solutions

Our HappyFresh Clone App Benefits

Start Your Grocery Business With Our best HappyFresh Clone App Script Software
Free White Labelling

Free White Labelling

Our Clone application will be customized with your company or brand name and logo, making it unique to you.
Free App Submission
Free App Submission
Our application meets all technical requirements, making it eligible for Play Store and App Store approval instantly.
Multi-Panel Integration
Multi-Panel Integration
Our multi-panel integration abilities allow for unmatched efficiency and administration across multiple interfaces.
Free-Server Installation

Free-Server Installation

Optimize your setup process with our free server installation service, which will get you running immediately without hassle.
Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Maximize your software's capabilities with our free technical assistance, which is ready to fix difficulties, give direction, and improve your user experience.
Free Bug Fixing

Free Bug Solutions

Stay worry-free as we offer free bug fixing to keep your software running smoothly, guaranteeing better performance and reliability.
In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet feature to provide a convenient and secure payment method within the application.
Multiple Country Support

Multiple Country Support

With our clone script, you can operate your business in any region without any limitations.
Support After Installation

Support After Installation

Remember that our professional support team is here to assist you after installation, providing efficient operation and fixing any issues that may arise.

What Does Our Grab Clone Script Include?

Detailed Description of Our Uber Clone Script's Services

Customer Mobile App

Android | iOS
Let your customers book a taxi and experience hassle-free and comfortable riding.​

Driver Mobile App

Android | iOS
An Application for a driver to manage their ride order easily.

Custom Admin Panel

Admins and Sub-Admins supervise every transaction that takes place with this taxi service platform.
Admin Panel
Admin Panel Demo
PASSWORD: master@pwd

Start and Achieve Your Taxi Business Empire with Celestial Infosoft

Build your brand with our clone scripts within a few Weeks

Standard Features of Our Clone Scripts

Pre-build feature of our Taxi Service software scripts

The Mathematics of Our Grab Clone's Algorithm

The Innovative Algorithm That Powers Our Grab Clone.
Celestial Infosoft's Grab Clone script integrates several algorithms customized to diverse sectors, including the new "X" -Nearest Drivers Algorithm.
This function allows admins to define 'X' (e.g., 10) as the number of nearby drivers who should get trip requests, expediting the matching process and improving the user experience.
Clone App Alogorithm

New Add-On Features Launched for Our Grab Clone

Customize your taxi service app with advanced features
Multiple Stops While Riding

Multi-destination trips

Allows customers to schedule a single ride that includes many stops. Passengers can adjust their destinations throughout the entire trip. Increases convenience for consumers.
Split Payment Option

Fare Calculation

Using AI, fares are automatically calculated based on parameters such as time of day, traffic situations, and demand peak. Ensures fair pricing, increases customer happiness, and maximizes income during peak periods.
Sharing Ride With Others

Safety Monitoring

Integrates real-time trip monitoring to guarantee passenger and driver safety, including speed alerts and route departure warnings.
Receive New Trip Before End

Continuous Trip Requests

Grab Clone provides drivers with an innovative feature that lets them to get new trip requests as they near the end of their current journey. ​
Language Change Option
Grab Clone has a language preference function that lets users change the app's display language to their favorite language.
Multiple Payment Option

Flexible Payment

Payment choices are expanded to include digital currencies, mobile wallets, direct bank transfers, as well as typical credit and debit cards.

Grab Clone with Quick Payments and Multiple Gateways

Streamline your payments with our Clone, which includes pre-integrated payment methods including PayU, PayPal, Razorpay, Amazon Pay, UPI, and Paystack. This setup not only speeds the payment process but also ensures a secure and seamless transaction experience.
Payment Gateway

Add an additional personalized feature in Grab Clone

Add Your Signature Features based on your targeted audience​

In-App Voice Assistance

Incorporates a voice-activated feature inside the app to let customers schedule rides and access information hands-free. Improves accessibility, particularly for those with limitations; enhances safety through hands-free use while traveling.
Dynamic Pricing Engine
Develop an advanced pricing system that modifies rates in real time according to demand, traffic conditions, and local events. Optimizes profitability at peak periods while increasing the number of clients with competitive pricing during off-peak times.

Third-Party Integrations

Interact with restaurants, event management systems, and other resources to provide users with whole trips. Enhances the user experience, improves app usage frequency, and generates new income sources.

Bidding Option for Rides

Allow drivers to place bids on travel requests in less congested locations to increase trip efficiency and decrease idle time. Increases revenue for drivers, lowers passenger fees, and improves system efficiency.
In-App Map Features
Add interactive map features, such as finding nearby attractions, restaurants, and petrol stations. Provides additional value to users, boosts engagement, and can be monetized via partnerships.

In-App SOS Video Call

Enhance the SOS function by allowing immediate video calls to emergency contacts or services when activated. Increases passenger trust, provides greater levels of security, and allows for faster emergency reaction times.

From Concept to Execution: Our Grab Clone Development Process

How We Bring Your Customized Grab Clone to reality

Requirement Collection

All the relevant information is collected from the customer to develop the product according to client requirements. Most of the requirement queries are resolved in this phase.

UI/UX Design Development

Visual the Application and website structure, content, and functionality and Create wireframes and visual design concepts for the website.

Product Development

Product Customization will be initiated once the developer receives the design document. Your goals are moving to come true through the Customization procedure.

Application Testing

Testing starts once the Customization is finalized and the modules are unleashed for testing. In developed software, defects are promptly allotted to developers for resolution.

Application Launch

After completing product testing, it is deployed in the production climate for the first User Acceptance testing, relying on the customer's specific requirements and expectations.

Post Maintenance

Post-launch, our commitment extends beyond project completion. With dedicated maintenance services, we ensure your product continues to thrive, delivering ongoing support.

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What our Happy Customers Say about Our Clone Script Software Services.

Celestial Infosoft's clone script revolutionized our food delivery platform. The script's flawless navigation and real-time tracking features enhanced the overall user experience. We appreciate the robust technology and excellent support provided by Celestial Infosoft.


Our search for a reliable clone script software ended with Celestial Infosoft. The script's advanced features and seamless integration made the development process swift and efficient. Kudos to the team for delivering a product that exceeded our expectations!


We were searching for a reliable app clone script and found Celestial Infosoft. Their solution exceeded our expectations. The customization options were amazing, and the support team was quick to address any concerns. Highly recommended!


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script has been a game-changer for our startup. The code quality is top-notch, and the features are robust. The team's responsiveness made the entire process seamless. Our project was up and running in no time!


Impressed with the scalability and efficiency of Celestial Infosoft's app clone script. It allowed us to streamline our development process and saved us valuable time and resources. The documentation was comprehensive, making integration a breeze.


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script provided the perfect foundation for our marketing application. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility to tailor features to our needs were exactly what we were looking for. Kudos to the team!


We chose Celestial Infosoft for our app cloning needs, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. The script was well-documented, making it easy for our development team to understand and implement. We appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the entire Celestial Infosoft team.


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From healthcare to transport we meet the unique demands of each sector.
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you can reach us over a call, and we can discuss everything.

A Grab Clone Script is a pre-built software solution that replicates the core functionalities of the popular Southeast Asian ride-hailing platform, Grab. It helps entrepreneurs to launch their own ride-hailing, delivery, and financial services apps with a similar set of features and business models.

The Grab Clone Script offers extensive customization options to suit specific business needs. You can modify the user interface, integrate unique features, adjust the pricing algorithm, and even expand the service offerings beyond just ride-hailing to include food delivery or courier services.

Yes, our Grab Clone Script can be integrated with local payment gateways to accommodate various forms of payments including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and even cash. This flexibility helps cater to local market preferences and regulations.

Yes, it supports multi-language and multi-currency functionalities, making it suitable for deployment in diverse geographic locations. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to operate in multiple countries or regions with different languages and currencies.

Security is a top priority for our Grab Clone Script. It includes robust security features like SSL encryption, data anonymization, and compliance with PCI DSS standards to protect sensitive user information and transactions.

The main features of our Grab Clone Script include:

  • User Authentication: Secure login and registration processes.
  • Profile Management: For both drivers and passengers to manage their information.
  • Fare Calculation: Dynamic pricing based on distance, traffic, and other factors.
  • Driver Tracking: Real-time GPS tracking of drivers.
  • Payment Integration: Supports multiple payment methods.
  • Rating and Review System: For feedback on drivers and passengers.
  • Push Notifications: Real-time alerts and messages.
  • Ride History: Detailed logs of all past rides for users and drivers.

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