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Uber Clone- Best Taxi Booking App Solution
Upgrade your taxi business into a digital platform and expand your reach with a well-developed White label taxi booking application.
What We Offer In Uber Clone Script
Clone App Script Software

What? Uber Clone!

Do you have the same thought in your mind?
The Uber clone script offered by Celestial Infosoft is an all-inclusive ride-hailing app solution, empowering companies to launch their online taxi booking services.
Our Clone platform is designed for native Android and iOS platforms, with essential functions and the latest features incorporated to enhance the rider's experience.

How can you start a business like Uber at a low cost?

You can find us in's Tours Vacation Directory
You can find us in's Tours Vacation Directory
We are here to help you start your dream business in few days
Celestial Infosoft is the perfect solution for those who want to start a successful Taxi service business. Our Ready-to-launch Clone Software will help you build your brand quickly and efficiently at a low cost. We are confident our software will meet your requirements and ensure your success. All you need to do is provide us with your desired brand name and the features you require, and we will create your online platform according to your specifications in just a few days. Trust us to help you achieve your business goals and become a leader in the Taxi Service industry.
Launching a successful business requires a confident and careful marketing approach in Competition. Our marketing team will guide you through the entire process, from market research to branding Creation, and create an outstanding marketing strategy to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. We provide paid marketing services to our clients for their rapid growth.
Connect with us now and start your business at a low-cost guarantee.

Recently Growing Startups With Clone Script​

Some recently started businesses are utilizing clone script software

Uber Clone Script for Your Start-up Business

How Our Clone Script Software benefits to Launch Your Business Rapidly
Free White Labelling

Free White Labelling

Our Clone application will be customized with your company or brand name and logo, making it unique to you.
Free App Submission
Free App Submission
Our application meets all technical requirements, making it eligible for Play Store and App Store approval instantly.
Multi-Panel Integration
Multi-Panel Integration
Our multi-panel integration abilities allow for unmatched efficiency and administration across multiple interfaces.
Free-Server Installation

Free-Server Installation

Optimize your setup process with our free server installation service, which will get you running immediately without hassle.
Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Maximize your software's capabilities with our free technical assistance, which is ready to fix difficulties, give direction, and improve your user experience.
Free Bug Fixing

Free Bug Solutions

Stay worry-free as we offer free bug fixing to keep your software running smoothly, guaranteeing better performance and reliability.
In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet feature to provide a convenient and secure payment method within the application.
Multiple Country Support

Multiple Country Support

With our clone script, you can operate your business in any region without any limitations.
Support After Installation

Support After Installation

Remember that our professional support team is here to assist you after installation, providing efficient operation and fixing any issues that may arise.

What We Provide in Uber Clone

Multiple modules for multiple user usage

Customer Mobile App

Android | iOS
Let your customers book a taxi and experience hassle-free and comfortable riding.​

Driver Mobile App

Android | iOS
An Application for a driver to manage their ride order easily.

Custom Admin Panel

Admins and Sub-Admins supervise every transaction that takes place with this taxi service platform.
Admin Panel
Admin Panel Demo
PASSWORD: master@pwd

Give Title To Your Business With Our White Label Uber Clone Script and Build Your Taxi Brand

Create your brand with our clone scripts within a few days

Standard Features of Our Clone Scripts

Pre-build feature of our Taxi Service software scripts

How Our Uber Clone Work On Its Algorithm

We use different algorithms for different business industries
We Implement the "X" - Nearest Drivers Algorithm In Our Uber Clone Script.
For Example, if the admin sets X=10, then the ten closest drivers to the user will receive trip requests.
Clone App Alogorithm

Latest Add-on feature of Uber Clone

What we provide additionally in our clone scripts
Multiple Stops While Riding

Multiple Stops While Riding

The feature allows customers to add stops during their ride. Now, drivers can conveniently wait outside while users attend to brief tasks, providing a seamless and flexible travel experience.
Split Payment Option

Split Payment Option

Uber Clone Allow Split payment with friends. Share the ride expenses effortlessly and enjoy a seamless and cost-effective transportation experience together.
Receive New Trip Before End

Receive New Trip Before End

Uber Clone Drivers seamlessly receive new ride requests when nearing their ongoing trip's destination, with the option to accept or reject.
Sharing Ride With Others

Sharing Ride With Others

Uber Clone Passengers have the flexibility to opt for ride-sharing when booking a ride. Meanwhile, drivers route to drop off a passenger may receive another ride request, allowing them to accept and seamlessly execute the additional ride concurrently with the ongoing trip.
Language Change Option
Language Change Option
Uber Clone Provide customers with the convenience of selecting their preferred language by integrating a language change option. This feature allows users to easily switch between languages, enhancing the user experience.
Multiple Payment Option

Multiple Payment Option

Uber Clone allows customers to pay using their preferred modes such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, or other supported payment options.

Uber Clone Payment Gateway Partners

Pre-build a payment gateway choice in your Clone to make possible seamless transactions offering a smooth transaction experience. Make a transaction quickly with PayU, PayPal, Razorpay, Amazon Pay, UPI, and Paystack.
Payment Gateway

Add your Custom Special Feature in Uber Clone

Add Features Based On Your Requirement.​
Handicap Seat

Baby / Handicap Seat

With this feature, Passengers can now specify their preferences for these specialized seats when booking a ride. A reliable option for your customer.
Language-based Drivers
Language-based Drivers
This Feature Enhances communication and ensures a more comfortable and efficient ride experience.
Detailed Map-View for Drivers

Detailed Map-View for Drivers

This feature enhances driver navigation, providing real-time information on traffic, landmarks, and specific locations.
Location Wise Price Biding

Location Wise Price Biding

This innovative system empowers drivers to propose prices tailored to different areas, taking into account factors such as demand, traffic, and distance.
Dispute Management
Dispute Management
Clone includes the special feature of Dispute Management for fair and transparent issue resolution, ensuring a positive experience for both drivers and passengers.
Driver's Tip Option

Driver's Tip Option

This feature enhances user experience by adding a driver's tip Option, fostering positive interactions and enabling passengers to recognize and reward exceptional service.

How Do We Work on your Uber Clone Scripts

We follow these steps for the Uber Clone software development

Requirement Collection

The customer provides all required information, which is used to design the product to the client's specifications. This phase solves almost all of the required queries.

UI/UX Design Development

Imagine the application and website's structure, content, and function. Design wireframes and layout designs for your online presence.

Product Development

Product customization will start after the developer receives the design document. The customization method will bring your goals closer to reality.

Application Testing

Testing starts once the customization is done and the modules have been released for testing. In developed software, problems are quickly assigned to developers for fixing.

Application Launch

After product testing, it is placed in an operational setting for the first User Acceptance testing, which is based on the customer's requirements and expectations.

Post Maintenance

Following the launch, our commitment goes beyond project completion. With specialized maintenance services, we ensure that your product succeeds and provides continuous support.

Listen to Startup Brands

What our Happy Customers Say about Our Clone Script Software Services.

Celestial Infosoft's clone script revolutionized our food delivery platform. The script's flawless navigation and real-time tracking features enhanced the overall user experience. We appreciate the robust technology and excellent support provided by Celestial Infosoft.


Our search for a reliable clone script software ended with Celestial Infosoft. The script's advanced features and seamless integration made the development process swift and efficient. Kudos to the team for delivering a product that exceeded our expectations!


We were searching for a reliable app clone script and found Celestial Infosoft. Their solution exceeded our expectations. The customization options were amazing, and the support team was quick to address any concerns. Highly recommended!


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script has been a game-changer for our startup. The code quality is top-notch, and the features are robust. The team's responsiveness made the entire process seamless. Our project was up and running in no time!


Impressed with the scalability and efficiency of Celestial Infosoft's app clone script. It allowed us to streamline our development process and saved us valuable time and resources. The documentation was comprehensive, making integration a breeze.


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script provided the perfect foundation for our marketing application. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility to tailor features to our needs were exactly what we were looking for. Kudos to the team!


We chose Celestial Infosoft for our app cloning needs, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. The script was well-documented, making it easy for our development team to understand and implement. We appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the entire Celestial Infosoft team.


Industry We Serve

From healthcare to transport we meet the unique demands of each sector.
Industry We Serve


If you don’t see an answer related to your question
you can reach us over a call, and we can discuss everything.

Celestial Infosoft's Uber Clone is a white-label ride-sharing solution that replicates the functionality of the popular Uber platform. It's a customizable and scalable software solution designed to help businesses launch their own on-demand transportation services seamlessly.

The Uber Clone operates on a user-friendly platform that connects riders with drivers. Users can request a ride through the mobile app, and nearby drivers receive the request. Once a driver accepts the request, the user can track the driver's location in real-time, and the driver can navigate to the pickup point.

Celestial Infosoft's Uber Clone typically includes features such as real-time tracking, secure payment options, driver and rider profiles, ratings and reviews, fare estimation, and an admin dashboard for managing the entire system. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of your transportation business.

Yes, Celestial Infosoft's Uber Clone is designed to be highly customizable. This means that businesses can tailor the app to match their branding, choose specific features, and adjust settings to align with their unique requirements. The goal is to provide a personalized solution that meets the distinct needs of each client.

Celestial Infosoft's Uber Clone is built using advanced technologies and frameworks to ensure a robust and reliable performance. Common technologies involved include GPS for real-time tracking, secure payment gateways, and scalable cloud infrastructure. The platform may also incorporate the latest trends in mobile app development and data security.


Yes, Celestial Infosoft typically offers technical support and maintenance services for their Uber Clone. This ensures that any technical issues or updates are promptly addressed, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for both businesses and end-users.

To get started, you can reach out to Celestial Infosoft through their official website or contact their sales team. They will guide you through the customization options, pricing, and the implementation process to launch your own branded ride-sharing service using the Uber Clone solution.

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