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Launch your grocery delivery startup with our flexible script, offering single and multi-vendor options, just like InstaCart App Clone.
What We Offer In InstaCart App Clone Script

Grow Your Grocery Delivery Business With Our InstaCart App Clone

We're Here to Launch Your Grocery Delivery Business in Just a Few Weeks
Our InstaCart App Clone software was developed to meet the growing need for online grocery delivery services. With grocery shopping going online, our clone software provides a simpler user-friendly experience similar to the successful InstaCart idea. It offers a full solution for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the grocery delivery field, including ready-to-market software developed to improve consumer satisfaction and increase productivity.
Our solution stands out because we are constantly updating our clone with new features and integrations in keeping with changing consumer tastes and developments in technology. With AI-powered recommendations, real-time order monitoring, and an integrated loyalty program, our InstaCart App Clone not only attracts but also maintains consumers by improving their shopping experience and satisfaction.
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Recently Growing Startups With Clone Script​

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Our Instacart App Clone App Benefits

Start Your Grocery Business With Our best Instacart App Clone Script Software
Free White Labelling

Free White Labelling

Our Clone application will be customized with your company or brand name and logo, making it unique to you.
Free App Submission
Free App Submission
Our application meets all technical requirements, making it eligible for Play Store and App Store approval instantly.
Multi-Panel Integration
Multi-Panel Integration
Our multi-panel integration abilities allow for unmatched efficiency and administration across multiple interfaces.
Free-Server Installation

Free-Server Installation

Optimize your setup process with our free server installation service, which will get you running immediately without hassle.
Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Maximize your software's capabilities with our free technical assistance, which is ready to fix difficulties, give direction, and improve your user experience.
Free Bug Fixing

Free Bug Solutions

Stay worry-free as we offer free bug fixing to keep your software running smoothly, guaranteeing better performance and reliability.
In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet Integration

In-App Wallet feature to provide a convenient and secure payment method within the application.
Multiple Country Support

Multiple Country Support

With our clone script, you can operate your business in any region without any limitations.
Support After Installation

Support After Installation

Remember that our professional support team is here to assist you after installation, providing efficient operation and fixing any issues that may arise.

What's inside InstaCart App Clone?

Multiple modules for multiple user usage

Customer Mobile App

Android | iOS
An app that lets consumers order groceries conveniently.

Delivery Boy App

Android | iOS
An application for delivery personnel to manage their jobs easily. 
Grocery Delivery Boy App
Delivery Boy App Demo

Custom Admin Panel

Admins and sub-admins can monitor every transaction on this grocery service platform.
Grocery Admin Panel
Admin Panel Demo
PASSWORD: master@pwd

Our White Label InstaCart App Clone to Build Your Grocery Delivery Brand​​​

Build your Grocery Delivery brand with our InstaCart App clone scripts within a few Weeks

Use Market-Leading Algorithms in Our instaCart App Clone

We Customize our InstaCart App Clone script to Meet Multiple Business requirements.
It features the 'X'—Nearest Drivers Algorithm, which improves service responsiveness.
By setting 'X' = 10, the script guarantees that trip requests are sent to the ten nearest drivers, resulting in faster pickups and more customer satisfaction.
Clone App Alogorithm

Latest Add-On Features in Our InstaCart App Clone

What’s New in Our InstaCart App Clone? Find Out Here!

Customer Support Module

The Customer Support Module in our InstaCart App Clone provides an open channel of communication between customers and support staff. This in-app tool manages client inquiries, order modifications, and any issues that might come up throughout the ordering process.

Order Scheduling

Customers may easily organize the shipment before of time thanks to the Order Scheduling tool. Users may choose the hours and dates for their orders to be delivered, whether it's for a dinner party or weekly shopping requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

Our InstaCart App Clone allows consumers to monitor their grocery delivery in real-time, from the moment they are processed at the location until they reach at their doorstep. This feature not only increases openness in the delivery process but also helps consumers to properly manage their schedules.

InstaCart App Clone Payment Gateway Partners

Our Clone solution is pre-integrated with major payment channels like as PayU, PayPal, Razorpay, Amazon Pay, UPI, and Paystack. These partnerships ensure an excellent transaction experience, allowing for quick and safe payments right inside the platform.
Payment Gateway

Add your exclusive feature in InstaCart App Clone

an additional Features based on your Requirement

Eco-Friendly Delivery

Our InstaCart App Clone stands out by providing eco-friendly delivery alternatives that appeal to environmentally aware customers. Customers can choose sustainable methods such as eco-friendly packaging produced from recycled or biodegradable materials, as well as carbon-free shipping options, which offset emissions through different green activities.
Voice-enabled ordering
Voice-enabled ordering improves user simplicity by allowing customers interact with the InstaCart App Clone app using voice commands. This hands-free ordering method may significantly enhance the shopping experience, making it more accessible to everyone, including people with impairments.

AR Store Navigation

The AR Store Navigation function makes use of the camera on a user's smartphone to give an advanced visual search and navigation system in real stores. As shoppers go down the aisles, their cameras might display interactive AR indications over real-world photos, directing them to the products on their shopping list quickly.

How Do We Work on your InstaCart App Clone

We follow these steps for the InstaCart App Clone software development

Requirement Gathering

To make sure that the result meets the business's goals, we first set up your unique requirements.

Customization and Branding

The clone script has been customized with your brand features, such as the logo, color scheme, and personal information.

Quality Assurance

Extensive testing is performed to verify that the software is bug-free, speedy, and smooth across all user interactions.


We manage the whole deployment process, from setting up the app on servers to publishing it officially in app stores.

Learning and Transfer

The employees will receive full training sessions to ensure they are prepared to handle the platform.

Post-launch support

Continuous support is available to solve any issues, give updates, and keep the program perfect.

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What our Happy Customers Say about Our Clone Script Software Services.

Celestial Infosoft's clone script revolutionized our food delivery platform. The script's flawless navigation and real-time tracking features enhanced the overall user experience. We appreciate the robust technology and excellent support provided by Celestial Infosoft.


Our search for a reliable clone script software ended with Celestial Infosoft. The script's advanced features and seamless integration made the development process swift and efficient. Kudos to the team for delivering a product that exceeded our expectations!


We were searching for a reliable app clone script and found Celestial Infosoft. Their solution exceeded our expectations. The customization options were amazing, and the support team was quick to address any concerns. Highly recommended!


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script has been a game-changer for our startup. The code quality is top-notch, and the features are robust. The team's responsiveness made the entire process seamless. Our project was up and running in no time!


Impressed with the scalability and efficiency of Celestial Infosoft's app clone script. It allowed us to streamline our development process and saved us valuable time and resources. The documentation was comprehensive, making integration a breeze.


Celestial Infosoft's app clone script provided the perfect foundation for our marketing application. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility to tailor features to our needs were exactly what we were looking for. Kudos to the team!


We chose Celestial Infosoft for our app cloning needs, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. The script was well-documented, making it easy for our development team to understand and implement. We appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the entire Celestial Infosoft team.


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From healthcare to transport we meet the unique demands of each sector.
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If you don’t see an answer related to your question
you can reach us over a call, and we can discuss everything.

Celestial Infosoft's Instacart App Clone is a white-label solution designed to enable businesses to create their own on-demand grocery delivery platform, similar to Instacart. The platform connects customers with local grocery stores, allowing them to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Customers can use the mobile app to browse products from local grocery stores, add items to their cart, and place an order. The platform notifies nearby shoppers, who pick and pack the items from the store and deliver them to the customer's specified location.

The Instacart App Clone typically includes features such as a user-friendly interface for customers, a comprehensive catalog of grocery items, real-time order tracking, secure payment options, and a shopper app for those fulfilling orders. Additionally, an admin dashboard allows for the management of orders and store partnerships.

Yes, Celestial Infosoft's Instacart App Clone is designed to be customizable. Businesses can tailor the app to match their branding, set delivery zones, and incorporate unique features to enhance the user experience. This flexibility ensures that the platform can cater to the specific needs of various grocery businesses.

Shoppers, or those responsible for picking and delivering groceries, typically undergo a vetting process before being accepted onto the platform. This process may include background checks, verification of identification, and reviews of their performance to ensure reliable and secure grocery deliveries.

Yes, the platform usually includes a feature that allows customers to schedule grocery deliveries for a specific date and time. This provides flexibility for users who prefer to plan their grocery shopping in advance.

Yes, Celestial Infosoft typically offers technical support and maintenance services for their "Instacart Clone." This ensures that any technical issues or updates are promptly addressed, providing a seamless experience for both businesses and end-users.

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